Join the former leader of the opposition, Tony Leon, as we discuss his latest book: Future Tense Reflections On My Troubled Land

15TH APRIL 2021

South Africa is on the precipice. After more than 12 years of state-sponsored looting, we are bankrupt, we don’t seem to have coherent policies and we are caught in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Join the former leader of the opposition Tony Leon as we get his take on the future of our troubled land. 

Tony Leon was one of the midwives for the birth of New South Africa. He sat across from Nelson Mandela in parliament and traded blows with intellectual heavyweights such Thabo Mbeki, Frene Ginwalla, and Trevor Manuel. He now lives in a country run by political lightweights like Cyril Ramaphosa, Bheki Cele, and Blade Nzimande. Is there a road back from the precipice?

While the rest of us were watching Netflix, playing Candy Crush, and watching our businesses being destroyed by the first coronavirus lockdown, Tony Leon began work on his fifth book: Future Tense, Reflections On My Troubled Land. In this riveting new book, Tony Leon captures and analyses recent South African history with a focus on the squandered and corrupted years of the past decade. Given his unique access and penetrating insight, Tony Leon has presented a portrait of today’s South Africa and prospects for the future, based on his political involvement over thirty years. 

Written during the coronavirus lockdown, Future Tense examines the surge of the disease and the response, both of which have crashed the economy and its future prospects. 

Tony Leon also provides an insider view on the power struggles within the Democratic Alliance, which saw the exit of its first black leader Mmusi Maimane as well as popular Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba. 

Issues to be tackled by Tony Leon include:

Present Tense

  • Damp squibs: The false new dawn
  • Opposition blues: What happened to the DA
  • The Constitution of Big Men: Joining the dots
  • Unpopular populists: A red warning
  • Real Money: Why the ANC is bad for business

Past Tense

  • The vexed question of race: A zero-sum game
  • Last visit to the New Dawn: The problem of cadre deployment
  • How to steal a country: Hoodlums at the helm

Future Tense

  • Revenge economics: A recipe for failure
  • The league of losers: Friends without benefits
  • Nine signposts: The road ahead

If you are unsure about the future of South Africa, this webinar will help you to navigate your life ahead. Tony Leon brings a unique perspective of a man who had a ringside seat to the birth of South Africa, an international perspective that came with his role as South African ambassador to Argentina and the insights that come from being one of the country’s leading political analysts.

Why should you attend this webinar?

You and your team need to be on the right page in order to fully appreciate the road that South Africa and its government has chosen. You also need to be prepared for the surprises that will come from the internal implosion of the ANC. Tony Leon will explain that most of the experiences that we South Africans have to endure are not unique to this country but have been played out in many countries before. 



Date: Thursday, 15th April  2021 

Time: 10:00 – 11:30

Cost: R150 per person (excluding VAT)




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