“When will anyone go to jail?”

This is the most common question being asked in South Africa today. The honest answer is: not while the ANC is in power. This is going to cost the country… a lot.

So why would the ruling party sabotage the country that it is meant to protect?

We know that the root of corruption started early on in the “New South Africa”. Just two years into democracy, then-President Nelson Mandela chose to do nothing when his Minister of Health, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, misappropriated our tax payer money in the Sarafina 2 scandal. Mandela chose to look the other way, once again, when the Travelgate scandal blew up and implicated ANC parliamentarians who stole our money by submitting phoney travel claims. His successor, Thabo Mbeki was happy to look the other way as the multi-billion rand Arms Deal corruption, which proved that the ANC would never act against its own. Then came Jacob Zuma, and we were off to the races….

So why has nobody in the ANC ever been prepared to stand up for the South African citizens that they are sworn to protect? It took the genius Bathabile Dlamini to answer that question when she correctly said that everybody in the ANC has “smallanyama skeletons”, in other words, after 27 years of unchallenged power, everybody has been to the cookie jar by now in one form or another. For members of the ANC, ruining South Africa is preferable to going to jail.

This lack of consequences, will have serious consequences!

And it already has, as the country has slipped from the investment grade rating that we enjoyed for nearly twenty years, to our current junk status. We cannot keep the lights on and our other state owned companies are a mess. We no longer drive on the left of the road, we drive on what’s left of the road. Basically, the country has collapsed because there are no consequences for any public servant who chooses not to do their job.

So what happens next?

Next comes a whole series of unfortunate events starting with the debt crisis. When more money gets stolen than can be generated through tax collections, the scene is set for a debt crisis and, as we have already witnessed, President Cyril Ramaphosa would rather save the ANC than save South Africa. So the ANC will just borrow more money to feed the monster that the ANC has become. Soon, we will have no option but to go cap in hand to those nice people at the IMF. It is inevitable.

So should we all pack up our bags and leave? That ship sailed 20 years ago, so settle down and enjoy the sunshine. By and large, we will continue to live the good life as we privatise the few remaining government services like power and water. Thanks to Covid 19, even roads are becoming less important as we work from home. The government is almost becoming irrelevant to most city dwellers.

If you are wondering whether this nightmare will ever end, you have to keep an eye on the in-fighting within the ANC. If this monolithic, unfit for purpose, dinosaur of an organisation splits, the losing team is heading straight for the Hawks.

The stakes are very high.




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