I was born into the Catholic Church. At the time of my birth in the 1960s; more than 70% of Catholics attended church weekly. That number has almost halved to 38%, with a massive decline coming in the past 30 years as more and more evidence has emerged about the abuse of children by priests and those meant to serve and protect them.

I have been fascinated and disgusted in equal measure by how the religious organisation has steadfastly refused to assist law enforcement agencies world-wide in prosecuting the people responsible for these heinous acts of betrayal and criminality; choosing instead to transfer the exposed “holy men” to other communities, countries or even to send them to their head office in Rome.

Why would a church, of all organisations, choose to protect criminals who have abused the most vulnerable? Why would one of the most successful “brands” in the world put hundreds of years of selfless work, creating schools, orphanages, safe havens, and hope for millions, all at risk?

The answer must lie in the cliche about pride before the fall. It also comes from the fact that “everyone knows someone”. Or in a South African context, it is about those “smalanyama skeletons”! Rather than bring a small number of bad people to book, the Catholic Church is going to bring down the whole organisation.

As it is with the Catholic Church, so it is with the African National Congress.

An organisation with global standing, will bring down the whole brand and the country, rather than to let one of their own face the repercussions of their own actions.

By bending the law and allowing their minions to release Jacob Zuma from jail, the ANC has once again proved that they only care about themselves. Despite being entrusted to uphold the constitution of South Africa, the ANC would rather break this oath than to let this criminal serve his sentence.

There is no difference between this and when the Catholic Church chose to protect the priests who raped your children. They deserve to be punished at the polls by the electorate.

The question is whether the voters will do the right thing or will they keep putting their hard-earned money into the collection box?


Kind Regards
Michael Sham

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