Our overlords have given us poor, long suffering South African citizens a few more of the freedoms that we didn’t know were theirs to give! We have moved to lockdown level 1 and now we can stay out until midnight. Like teenagers turning 18, we can buy alcohol and go to mid-sized events. This was so nice of our captors, but why are they suddenly so generous?

We all need to thank our former Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize; if it wasn’t for the “Digital Vibes” scandal, the country would still be locked away at the whim of our government. It is just easier for a bad government to run a country when everyone is not running about doing stuff, and your subjects are totally dependant on you. It is no surprise that as the lurid details emerge of the theft of R150M of taxpayers’ money, enabled by Mkhize for the benefit of his family and friends, poor Cyril needed to change the topic of conversation.

The first part of the ANC’s electioneering for the forthcoming Local Government Election has been nothing short of disastrous. Firstly, they needed their deployed cadres to change the rules in order to allow the ANC to register all of their delegates after the party failed in their primary duty. Then there is the ongoing disaster of the ANC not being able to pay their staff; and the disastrous campaigning of our President himself, where he admitted that he doesn’t even know how much electricity costs. The real clincher was the grimy details of our Minister of Health, in the midst of a health crisis, ensuring that his family and friends steal our money while we are precluded from earning money or having fun!

It is little wonder that Cyril held another demeaning and impromptu “family meeting”, as if we are his children, to tell us that our kind old captor will allow us a few more freedoms as long as we look the other way. In my opinion, these elections can’t come soon enough so that the country can finally be rid of ANC misrule. Even if it is only at local level. Heaven knows, the soon to be elected opposition parties will have their work cut out to fix the infrastructure backlogs and to fill the potholes thanks to the mess created by the ANC.

The move into Lockdown Level 1 is an attempt to distract us from yet another despicable corruption scandal within the ANC.

Kind Regards
Michael Sham

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